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Energy Medicine in Sacramento

Energy Medicine ...the Medicine  
of the 21st Century....and so says Dr. Oz

As cave people long ago life was pretty simple. We hunted and gathered food. We sat in the meadow and looked up at the starry night. We ran away from a ferocious beast now and then.What was stress then is different now.
Today life is pretty complicated. We are bombarded by traffic and cell phones and media and toxins and muti-tasking......and the list goes on and on.

Our energy systems and physical bodies have learned habits that may "seem" to allow us to cope with today’s environment and lifestyle, but not necessarily allow us to live in optimal health.

Everything is made of energy……that’s what Einstein said…..the chair you sit on, the trees outside, the thoughts you think. It’s all energy.
The body naturally wants to heal its self.....when you have a headache your hand touches your head to give comfort. Energy Medicine (EM) is the art and science of bringing the best of Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupressure, applied kinesiology and intuition into a system that can work for you and your well being. Energy Medicine has been brought together in a usable and fun format by Donna Eden, internationally known healer and teacher. Energy Medicine offers the opportunity to “re-teach” your energy systems new habits so that you may function in healthier patterns in your life right now.

Ellen has studied extensively with Donna Eden and is a certified as an Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner (EEMCP). Learn more about Energy Medicine at

“Ellen has taught me energy management techniques which have been very uplifting, liberating, and – most importantly -- empowering. Using knowledge and techniques she has taught me, I’ve been able to increase and balance my energy, recover from the “shakes” resulting from the adrenalin overload of an emotionally charged event, and release disturbing emotions such as anger, fear, sadness, and feelings of being offended.  I’ve also been able to reduce anxiety prior to various medical procedures, making them less painful and (in my opinion) more effective.  Furthermore, her hands-on energy therapy has left me feeling peaceful, calm, and centered.  Ellen’s broad knowledge of both our physical and energetic bodies enables her to provide an extremely dynamic level of assistance.  I look forward to continue working with her whenever I find myself getting “stuck” or as I encounter major life challenges and transitions.”     
-Aileen K. ,Davis, CA

What to expect in a personal Energy Medicine session:
You are an active participant in the session. Remaining fully clothed together we assess your energy systems through an interview and energy/muscle testing. Based on the information your body tells us we can determine an individualized plan for you with easy to use techniques and exercises to “re-train” your energy and bring your energy systems back into harmony. You will be given homework to continue your process and keep your “energies humming.” Clients have said they feel more relaxed and more energized after a session.

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